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About Gordon Chan

If my bullet fit you, just shoot it.

Gordon Chan 15/3 Male HKSAR-China. I am a guy who was born in 85 while my digital life began in 98, when I owned my 1st computer followed by my 1st personal webpage.

I love web authoring, which gives me a universe for my creative brain-storming, eventhough I still have long way to go to claim myself so-called a real PROFESSIONAL.

I graduated in City University of Hong Kong - BSc Creative Media in 2009 with 1st Class Honor. Last year I worked in a small web-design house as an interactive developer (UrbanMonk). I keep enriching myself experience of web authoring and believe do more is better than just learn and forget. I do follow Web standard in web authoring & SEO practices. Being a freelancer, I am doing goods to others and I wish this allow me to have a better achievement in the future.

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It is appreciated if you are interested in finding me to assist your web project. I look forward to discuss with people who want to make any interesting work. You may find me with the following ways:gordonckc AT hotmail DOT com